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The Best Beds for Your Cherished Companion

Orvis makes the best dog beds for canines of all stripes, whether your companion is a senior dog, a chewer, a digger, a nester, a chin-rester, or a new puppy. We're dog people, so we recognize that one size bed won't fit all. Our collection of dog beds includes a variety of dimensions, shapes, patterns, and materials, so you can find the best option for your beloved companion.

How to Choose a Dog Bed

You want to give your pet the comfortable rest she needs and deserves with a dog bed of the highest quality, but what bed should you choose? Let your dog’s sleep style lead you to the ideal bed design for her. Dogs who seek secure, protected spaces may prefer a wraparound bed, but dogs who enjoy ‘sprawling’ often favor a pillow-style or platform bed. A three-sided bolster offers security as well as room to stretch, and thus satisfies most sleeping styles.

Does your dog have special needs? Our ToughChew beds resist punctures and tears caused by problem chewers, and we back them with our ToughChew guarantee. We also include a plush, bolstered Memory Foam Dog Bed with washable snap-off pads , ideal for the dog who struggles with incontinence.

What Type of Bed Is Best for My Dog’s Sleeping Style?

If you have a chin-rester, a donut, a side sleeper, a scoocher, a splooter, or a sprawler, there’s a dog bed perfectly suited to give her the best nap or night’s rest possible. Look to bolster beds for dogs who like to rest their chins while they sleep. Bolster beds also make a great choice for scoochers, our beloved pups who want to sleep next to something cozy or sleep back-to-back (usually with us, but we’re not always available!). For donut dogs who prefer to sleep curled up in a ball, a wraparound dog bed provides the security of a den-like circle, and our wraparound dog beds feature fleece lining for an extra layer of coziness. Sprawlers and splooters (the dogs who sleep with their back legs splayed out froggy-style) rest well on platform beds, where they can stretch out to their heart’s content. Bolster beds and couch beds offer the ideal supportive conditions for side-sleeping dogs. As a bonus, couch beds are the perfect solution for humans who don’t want dogs on the furniture, but want to give their canine pals the joys of couch life.

All these options give you choices to match your dog’s preferences—our round or rectangular dog beds come in popular platform, bolster, burrower, or wraparound styles, with a variety of filling materials and added features. Listen to your dog: She knows the bed she wants.

What Size Bed Does My Dog Need?

Every pooch is bighearted, but some dogs have big bodies to match—and for those, just any old cushion won’t do. Our large dog beds offer scaled-up comfort perfect for even the biggest breeds. If your dog has grown to epic proportions, you’ve come to the right place. We have the best dog beds for large dogs, and even for those smallish hounds who simply crave a luxurious stretch. To choose the appropriate size bed for your companion, start with her weight and follow these general guidelines:

Small – For dogs up to 40 lbs.
Medium – For dogs up to 60 lbs.
Large – For dogs up to 120 lbs.
Extra Large – For dogs 120 lbs. and up

Consider additional factors, like your dog’s measurements and sleeping style, and adjust accordingly; when in doubt, size up.

Try our convenient Dog Bed Selector to help narrow your search—answer a few simple questions, and we’ll show you the top-ranked beds that are perfect for your pal.

What’s the Best Dog Bed Fill?

Orvis dog bed fill options include ComfortFill-Eco, AirFoam, and Memory Foam.

For the canine who digs her bed—literally—Orvis offers a smart solution: the ComfortFill-Eco™ Dog Bed. Lofty polyester ComfortFill-Eco fiber will not flatten, and the chambered liner keeps the fill from clumping or shifting when your gal digs, burrows, and nests before settling down. And however she finally settles down, there’s a ComfortFill-Eco option to suit her sleep style in this collection: Choose the wraparound bed for a puppy or for an adult dog who curls up, the bolster bed for a dog who loves a cushion to lean into and to prop her chin upon, a platform-style bed for the dog who likes to sprawl, or the ComfortFill-Eco Couch Bed if she needs a deeper sleeping area and a higher bolster for extra support and security.

Our AirFoam dog beds are the result of years of research and testing, resulting in Serene™ Foam, a cushiony, perforated material with multi-directional channels for thermoregulating ventilation. Choose an AirFoam platform or bolster bed depending on your companion’s sleep style—the platform bed is ideal for a dog who likes to sprawl on her back, side, or belly, and the bolster bed offers a supported place for the dog who likes to lean in or prop up her head.

Supportive, luxurious memory foam is best for seniors or dogs with orthopedic problems, but it benefits dogs in every stage of life. She’ll enjoy the comfort of her bed as it supports her joints, improves circulation, and reduces pressure points—whatever her age, weight, or shape.

Because she visits her favorite space so often, a washable cover is essential when it’s time for a refresh. Orvis dog bed covers provide a barrier against dirt, moisture, and whatever mess your companion brings in after a romp outdoors, and they zip off for convenient machine washing. Dog bed covers, blankets , and washable liners should be laundered routinely to keep them smelling sweet.

Choosing a Bed for Older Dogs

Your aged companion may still show some spunk on your daily walks, but her pace has slowed and she spends a considerable amount of time resting. When choosing a bed for an older dog, consider a low-profile, open-style bolster or platform bed for easier access. Memory foam may alleviate arthritis or orthopedic problems by distributing her weight to relieve pressure.

It may seem like your canine companion sleeps away half the day—and in fact, that’s true. Most dogs sleep between 12 and 14 hours out of every 24, which makes the dog bed a monumentally important accessory, an essential part of your companion’s routine. But her bed is about more than just sleep: It’s where she takes her most treasured toys , where she goes when she needs a safe place to regroup—she may even stand sentinel over the house from her bed, a truth you’ll know the instant the doorbell rings. However she considers her bed, give her the best: Find exceptional dog beds for your cherished companion at Orvis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Orvis dog beds washable?

All Orvis dog beds feature a rugged, washable cover. Our tips for how to wash a dog bed include simple steps for keeping your four-legged friend’s Orvis bed nice and clean. And some of our dog beds, including our ComfortFill-Eco™ Wraparound and our ToughChew® ComfortFill-Eco Platform Dog Bed, are entirely machine washable.

Are Orvis dog beds waterproof?

While we don’t offer 100% waterproof beds, our dog beds come outfitted with water-resistant liners that create a reliable barrier against bladder leakage, saliva, and wet fur or paws. We recommend removing and drying the dog bed liner as soon as you can if it gets wet.