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Hiking Essentials for Dogs

Trek confidently into the wild, wooded yonder with your four-footed buddy outfitted in dog hiking gear from Orvis. Hiking with a dog is truly a great joy for you and your canine companion. Keep her safe with a durable, trail-ready collar or harness and leash, and let us personalize them for easy identification if your dog gets lost on an adventure. A dog first aid kit, hiking saddlebag, microfiber towels, and portable bowls prepare the two of you for the miles ahead. And if you need gear to get to your destination, our dog travel products include items to make the road trip to the trailhead a little easier.

Explore all of our products for hiking with dogs to discover the essentials you’ll need for every bold excursion outdoors.

Is Hiking With a Dog Safe?

Yes, if you’re prepared. Hitting the trail with your furry friend can be a lot of fun and create some wonderful memories. Daily walks require a reliable collar or harness and a sturdy leash. If you’re going on a longer walk, especially during hot weather, carry water for your dog. Collapsible water bowls or a dog water bottle travels well for long walks and day hikes. Hiking with a dog takes preparation and trail-readiness—for you and for her. Dogs need to be in proper physical shape for hikes, and your vet can work with you to assess her condition and advise about any vaccinations or meds she may need for wherever you’re headed. Most marked trails have regulations and guidelines , so make sure you check the website of the location to bone up on the dos and don’ts for dogs on the trail. Maintaining control of your dog and giving other hikers, bikers, runners, and horseback riders the right-of-way is standard etiquette while hiking with a dog . Always observe Leave No Trace (LNT) principles on the trail—pick up and pack out any of your pup’s solid waste; make sure dog poop bags are on your pre-hike checklist.

Preparedness for Backpacking With a Dog

If you’re headed into the woods overnight or longer with your dog, make sure you’ve already practiced tent sleeping or outdoor sleeping with your four-legged buddy so she’ll be used to the setup when you’re going to bed in different conditions. Her gear should include a dog first aid kit, a “dog” towel for muddy paws and wet fur, a nail file for long trips so her nails can be trimmed to prevent ripping the tent, travel bowls and plenty of food and water, a safety light, and the appropriate outerwear for the conditions. Standard etiquette and leave-no-trace rules apply here as well, so bring extra waste bags to pack out the poop.