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Products for Traveling With Dogs

Browse dog travel gear at Orvis to find the best car seat covers, sturdy travel crates, innovative bowls and feeders, and other dog products for the road. We love taking our dogs on adventures as much as you do, so the dog travel products in this collection make any excursion easier, safer, and more comfortable and convenient for the two- and four-legged passengers in the car.

Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Orvis car seat covers for dogs make traveling with your pet a cinch. Every dog owner knows the trials of driving with a dog in tow—paw prints on the seats, nose prints on the windows—and then there’s the dog hair. Not even the most clever grooming tools or most rigorous grooming routine will leave your car seats totally free of pet hair. Enter the car seat cover, and you won’t find a better-quality or more thoughtfully designed option than ours—they’re soft, durable, easy to install, and each style is machine washable, so you can refresh them easily after your muddy outdoor adventure. Our customer-favorite Windowed Hammock Seat Protector offers full-coverage protection of your car’s backseat area, and its mesh window improves airflow while giving your dog a reassuring view of you and the landscape ahead. All of our car seat protectors are designed for quick and simple setup and will pack away as easily, so you can prepare any seat in the car instantly for passengers of canine or human persuasion.

What Style Seat Protector Is Best?

Look for a seat protector made with water-resistant materials that are also breathable, durable, and easy to clean. A non-slip backing keeps the cover in place for even the most fidgety of canines, and adjustable straps ensure a safe, tangle-free fit. If your dog rides shotgun, look for a seat cover made specifically to protect a bucket seat. If he rides in the back, choose a hammock-style or bench seat protector that stays put and traps mud and muck. Your cargo area need not be a catchall for dirt—create a spot for your pampered companion with a protector designed especially for that space. Wherever there is bound to be dog hair, we have a solution.

What Size Car Seat Protector Do I Need?

Measure your seats for an ideal fit—consider the length of the cushion, as well as its depth together with the height of the seat back. If your seats are between sizes, choose the size closest to the actual measurements for the best fit.

Crates, Bowls, and Other Travel Basics for Dogs

The innovative design of our Hose-Off Folding Travel Crate makes it a smart solution for your dog on the road and when you reach your destination—its accompanying padded mat is plush and comfortable, its mesh walls are breathable, and it offers your companion the cozy, den-like resting spot he craves. A lightweight but rugged travel dog tote is a one-and-done solution that comes with collapsible kibble and water bowls and a roomy zipper compartment for his supplies. Secure his snacks, collapsible bowls, and safety gear in his very own dog trail pack so he can hike in, hike out, and leave behind nothing but pawprints. Our collection also includes travel bottles and bowls for hydrating on the go, and lightweight but sturdy pet ramps so your buddy can load into and out of the car comfortably.

Explore all our essential travel products made for your dog’s comfort and safety—and for your peace of mind on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of dog restraint is best in a car?

The best kind of dog restraint in a car is either an impact-ready kennel or harness system that locks directly into the seat belt buckle. We offer a kennel that features NASCAR-inspired technology to improve your dog’s chances of surviving an accident, as well as harness restraint systems that conveniently double as a conventional walking harness.

What should I include in my dog’s travel bag?

If you’re planning a road trip with your dog , include plenty of food and water, a quick-dry dog towel, a travel first aid kit for dogs, and any relevant paperwork like vet or vaccination records. Remember to include an extra supply of waste bags as well as all the medicines he’ll need while you’re away.

What dog toys are best for travel?

Your dog’s favorite toy should go along for the trip, especially if he gets anxious in transport. Snuggle toys are great for long car rides as long as your pup isn’t a powerful chewer who will rip open the toy and ingest its stuffing. Chewers should have a long-lasting firm rubber chew toy to while away travel hours or to keep him occupied during his alone time at the destination. And a toy that reminds him of home is always a good choice to keep him feeling safe in a new environment.