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Fly-Fishing Emerger Flies

Available in different sizes, our fly-fishing emerger flies realistically imitate spring mayflies, caddis, and midges later in the season. Their versatility situates them among the most useful fly-fishing flies to keep in your box. We offer a wide variety of dry flies to allow you to match the hatch, and irresistible classic attractor dry fly patterns to present to hungry trout. Our emerger collection also includes convenient boxed fly selections with proven fly patterns.

While trout are notoriously selective feeders, emergers are tempting for them and account for a large portion of their diet—so why not capitalize on this phenomenon by using our beautifully crafted dry flies designed for just that purpose? Fly fishing doesn't get more exciting than casting dry flies to rising trout. Proven and consistent producers, these flies should be your go-to patterns for top-water action.